Commercial Property Tax Loans Let us take care of your commercial property taxes.

Delinquent property taxes add up quickly
Few business owners realize the cost of not paying their property taxes. When property taxes go unpaid they incur penalties, attorney collection fees, and interest that can substantially add up quickly. In most Texas counties it can actually be an ADDITIONAL 47% to your bill this year.  Many business owners find themselves in a situation where they simply don’t have the money.  Whether it’s a result of seasonal downturn, the economy, reduced credit, limited cash flow, or an unforeseeable cost, many go delinquent and it costs them profoundly.

customersShakingHandsWith a property tax loan we will take care of your taxes so that you can use your cash flow.

We quickly pay your delinquent taxes so you no longer incur all of the large penalties, attorney collection fees, and interest charged by your county. It’s a simple process: we pay the taxes, you comfortably pay us back over time.

How the commercial property tax loan process works:

  1. A state-licensed Loan Officer will contact you and explain the steps while answering any questions you may have.
  2. We gather information about your business and your property to then confirm how much is owed with your county.
  3. We work with you to create a payment plan that you are comfortable with and then we provide you with a thorough program that goes over everything.
  4. We send you a mobile notary or overnight the documents for your signature.
  5. We promptly pay the county and you no longer have to worry about the fees, penalties, and interest from delinquent property taxes!

What does it cost?

There is no application fee and there are no upfront costs. You start with your first monthly payment, nothing is needed before that. Our loan fees, which are regulated by the State of Texas, are included in your loan. You choose your monthly payment by deciding how long you want to take to pay back your loan.

Worried about your credit?

Don’t be. There isn’t a credit check and the majority who apply for a property tax loan with us are approved.

Curious about interest rates?

Naturally, our interest rates can vary depending upon you, the location, and the property itself.  We’ll have to talk to you and find out about the property to be able to quote you a rate. But we are regulated by the state of Texas and our rates are capped so even our highest rates are about a third of the cost the county can charge in interest, penalties and fees over the first year. Additionally, we don’t have any prepayment penalties if you would like to pay extra over time or pay off the loan early.

How long will this take?

From start (the time you first contact us) to finish (when we pay your taxes) is usually 4-7 days. You will find that the process is quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of paperwork or time. We know your time is valuable.

Have additional questions? Call us 713-730-4040

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your property taxes please feel free to call us, our Loan Officers are happy to help. In fact, we often discover that many property owners are better off with a county deferment plan instead of a loan from us. We’ll help you figure out what is best for you, and we will do it for free.

Get a free estimate from HCPTL

If you would like to call us at 713-730-4040 we can give you an estimate over the phone. You may also fill out the short information form on the left side of this page. We will have one of our Loan Officers get back to you as soon as possible to then complete your application over the phone. To fill out our complete application, simply go to our Apply Now page and we’ll be able to give you a free loan quote when we call you back.